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M-Jodi-Rell“We passed these strong campaign reform measures following a dark period in our state’s history in 2003 and 2004. Prohibiting state contractors and limiting special interests from paying-to-play through political campaign contributions was the right thing to do then and it’s the right thing now.” (Comments appeared in a 2015 article at ctviewpoints.org)

M. Jodi Rell (R), former governor of Connecticut

dimassa“The Citizens’ Election Program prevents the influence of big money donors, and I believe the program is effective. Once I raised the qualifying $5,000 from individual donors, I became eligible for a maximum $28,150 grant through the CEP. It amounts to a cap on campaign spending – and that’s good. Connecticut is a leader in keeping campaigns clean and must remain so.”  — State Rep. Michael DiMassa (D)

elliott“Having a representative democracy is incredibly important to me. CEP helped me raise the funds necessary to run a competitive race, without having to go after large donors — ensuring that I represent my constituents, and not monetary benefactors. There is simply no other way that I could have won my seat in the legislature without this program.”                — State Rep. Josh Elliott (D)

McCarthyVahey_HS“The Citizens’ Election Program is critical to maintaining clean, fair elections in Connecticut. It broadens our base of potential candidates by allowing anyone, regardless of their economic background, to be competitive. The more accessible state government is to the people, the more we can reduce the influence of large corporate interests.”                — State Rep. Cristin McCarthy Vahey (D)

Matthew_Lesser“Across the country, money has corrupted our elections and our government. But Connecticut has a real treasure in the CEP. Connecticut stands alone in rejecting special interest money and empowering ordinary people. When I first ran for the legislature, I never would have been able to compete with the fundraising power of the incumbent I defeated; I never would have had a chance without the CEP. It’s liberating and its makes legislators do a better job when we make decisions based on what the public wants, not what special interests demand.” — State Rep. Matthew Lesser (D)

Kim_rose“I ran using clean election funds because I represent the people in my district not special interest groups. I wanted that to be clear. I don’t want to be held accountable to special interests.  It also afforded me, a regular working single mom, the opportunity to serve which I wouldn’t have been able to if it weren’t for this program.” — State Rep. Kim Rose (D)

Derek_Slap“Connecticut’s clean elections program is a model for the nation on how to reduce the influence of special interests.  Those who want to dismantle it are advocating for a return to the not-so-distant past – when regular citizens had their concerns trumped by lobbyists who were bundling large donations and funneling it to candidates. Protecting the program is essential for the health and integrity of our democracy.” — State Rep. Derek Slap (D)

Juan_Candelaria“I am proud of Connecticut’s publicly funded campaign finance program. In addition to placing limits on how much can be contributed to a campaign, and by whom, the Citizens Election Program provides transparency to voters. The program essentially levels the playing field for all candidates. This year I voted in favor of a bill to address outside money influencing elections. The legislation would require disclosing the source of any donation, payment or transfer of $5,000 or more by independent expenditure committees, or super PAC political action committee. Voters need to know this to make informed decisions at the ballot box.” — State Rep. Juan Candelaria (D)

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