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In 2005, as a reaction to donor-related favors that had landed former Gov. John Rowland in federal prison, the Connecticut General Assembly passed and Gov. Jodi Rell signed into law the Citizens’ Election Program.

CEP provides public funding for elections to candidates running for the state Legislature and state offices. Grantees must sign a contract to only use CEP funds to run their campaigns. CEP comes at no cost to the taxpayer; funds are collected from the sale of abandoned properties in the state and from donations to the Citizens’ Election Fund.

About 80% of candidates who ran for General Assembly seats campaigned on public money in 2016, and all current holders of state constitutional offices were elected on CEP funds. CEP is administrated by the State Election Enforcement Commission.

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  • CEProud’s 3-year initiative works to spread awareness of the Citizens’ Election Program;
  • Encourage civic-minded people of modest means to run for state office;
  • Involve people in the democratic process by encouraging them to help candidates qualify for CEP funding; and
  • Work with the General Assembly to secure the Citizens’ Election Program against cuts.